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Order form for canvas pieces.

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Order Form for artistically enhanced pieces, printed on art canvas, these pieces are stretched and framed

with out glass, in gallery wrap (where the image is stretched around the edges of the piece so no frame is needed)

or in a  standard black, solid wood frames.

Ship to:____________________________________________________________________



Phone _______________________________________________


Qty ordered               Size              Photo. Title                                      Price ea    Shipping ea    Total

____________  16×20″ frame  _______________________________$129.00     $14.00      ____________

____________ ***20×28″ Gallery Wrap _______________________$120.00      $23.00    _____________

____________***12×18″ Gallery wrap_________________________$69.00       $9.00    ______________

____________ ***8×10″ Gallery Wrap_________________________$32.00       $7.00    ______________

Please list custom sizes, special instructions, other information below.





Please include shipping  for the standard sizes above. All orders will go out via UPS or USPS Priority mail, Custom orders

which I will quote shipping fees before order is completed. Unless otherwise noted, all standard size orders are usually shipped with

in one to two weeks. If ordering more than one canvas piece, please include shipping for the largest piece, and then add

$4.00 for each additional piece shipped together.      ***Please note that the 12×18 and 8×10 and the 20×28 gallery wraps have the image

continued around the edges of the stretcher strips, and come to you ready to hang without a frame. They are intended

to be left unframed, although you could easily frame them if you like.

Paid by _________ check enclosed

__________Paypal at [email protected]

_______Visa_____ Mastercard_____American Express____Discover

Card #___________________________________ Exp. date___________CVV#_______

Cardholder name___________________________________________________

Cardholder signature________________________________________________

For your safety, please don’t email credit card information. Either mail this form through the postal service, or call to order at 434-374-5577. Thank-you

All of our canvas prints are created with an artistic or soft focus feel, which gives each piece its dreamy effect. If you desire a little stronger, or a little less of an effect, please let me know, as since I do each piece individually,  I will  work with you to achieve just the look that you have in mind. The pieces listed above are shipped to you ready for hanging, with the 16×20 being the only piece framed in a black frame similar to what you may have seen at one of my shows. The other three sizes are finished in a gallery wrap, ready to hang with no frame needed.
Please remember that I can produce most of my work in any size canvas you would like. I LOVE DOING LARGE PIECES! So please call me for pricing. I also do custom work from your photographs, please see my custom work page, or call or e-mail for details!